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Choose a New Lifestyle at Retirement with PGA Golf, Tropical Gardens and Butterflies

 In the lore of many cultures, because of their life cycles, butterflies symbolize change or transition from one stage of life to another. Retirement is just such a transition. But as humans we have a choice about how we spend the next stage of our lives.

Some choose a glorious new lifestyle at retirement. Freed to spend time as they wish and live wherever they want to, those who see retirement as a chance to have fun often choose to move to a semitropical climate Florida. They want to get away from snow or big city congestion, make new friends and be able to indulge year round in outdoor activities that give them pleasure, such as golf.

Some want to be able to spend more time enjoying nature, walking in the woods, strolling in beautiful gardens, or just sitting outside with a cup of coffee, watching the butterflies.

For those who also crave the excitement of golfing at PGA National and the wonderful climate of Florida, Devonshire awaits as the perfect solution for now and into the  future.  With the amenities of a luxury residence residence under one roof, and all the activities of a private resort, Devonshire is the perfect place to retire.

Amenities include fine dining, fitness center, concerts, art classes, computer room, dance classes, post office, concierge, and on-premises health care. All are easily accessible without leaving Devonshire—or even going outdoors.

For those who like to spend time outdoors in Florida’s lovely climate, there are extensive tropical gardens that attract butterflies. But residents and guests can also watch butterfiies and birds from the comfort of their own windows and balconies.

Residents can cook or order food from downstairs and entertain privately in their luxury apartments. Or they can entertain friends and family in a sumptuous restaurant without leaving the building. And furnished guest apartments make entertaining out-of-town visitors a breeze.

Devonshire was designed for gracious living, whether your lifestyle is active and outdoorsy, gregarious and social, or quiet and private. With everything you need under one elegant roof, Devonshire is a perfect for senior retirement—and for enjoying life on your own terms, in secure luxury with continuing care and a wealth of exciting opportunities for fun, friendship and relaxation.

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