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Nature DVD – Tropical Gardens & Butterflies with Music and Nature Sounds

Imagine walking through tropical gardens with an endless array of colours and beautiful fragrances. Discover many amazing species of butterflies with intricate wing patterns and delight at delicate orchids with their subtle elegance contrasted by the vivid greens of palm leaves. Filmed using many different camera techniques, this DVD allows you to see both the finest details of butterflies as well as wider shots of lush tropical gardens. It has three 10 minute films set to relaxing piano music composed by Simon Daum: Film 1 – Orchids and Butterflies has bright scenes and exquisite orchids and butterflies. Film 2 – Natural Discovery reveals the detail and beauty of nature. Film 3 – Soft Rain shows a refreshing look at tropical flowers. Six further tracks use the sounds of nature: Two 15 minute films have longer shots of tropical gardens with water features and are complemented by the natural sounds of crickets, tropical birds, bubbling streams and small waterfalls, plus four more Natural Decoration tracks show scenes of four different waterfalls in tropical or jungle settings with orchids, koi fish and fresh, green plants. The Tropical Gardens & Butterflies DVD is programmed with many different playback features, so you can play one track continuously, play all the films with music, play just those with natural sounds or play all films in a continuous loop. Please note: Non-profit public screenings of this DVD for churches and for small companies such as in Health Spas, Doctor and Dentist Waiting Rooms, Restaurants and Bars, are allowed at one location, free of extra charge, on up to 4 TV screens up to 40 inches wide.

Product Features

  • Nine relaxing tracks showing tropical gardens and butterflies.
  • Three relaxing films set to calming and inspiring music.
  • Two further films have longer, slowly-changing shots and natural sounds.
  • Filmed using high definition cameras for amazing details.
  • Continuous play functions – ideal for waiting rooms.

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