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Mosquitno 5-Pack Natural Mosquito Repellent Spotz Stickers, Bunny/Gecko/Heart/Sun/Dolphin/Butterfly

MOSQUITNO all-natural mosquito repellent wristband. Silicone rubber wristband infused with 100% natural citronella oil. Repels mosquitoes, flies, gnats, no-see-ums and fleas. Wristbands last for 6 days or 150 hours of exposure. Comes in a reseal able Package to preserve effectiveness when not in use. All-natural, non-toxic, DEET-free and waterproof. Just slip on a wristband and go. Mosquito is so easy, you won’t even know you’re wearing repellent. Enjoy the outdoors bug-free without the use of messy, toxic bug sprays.

Product Features

  • 5-Pack of Spotz stickers (6 stickers per Pack): Kids Theme – Bunny, Gecko, Heart, Sun, Dolphin, Butterfly
  • Heavy duty sticker infused with 15% concentration of natural citronella oil
  • Non-toxic, DEET-free, waterproof
  • Each sticker lasts for 3 days or 72 hours of exposure
  • Store in reseal able Package to preserve effectiveness when not in use

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