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Let Your Kids Fly – On The Wings Of A Butterfly

Butterflies are a special category of the insect family because of their charming hues and good looks. Though one of the smallest they are also one of the most awe inspiring creatures of this world. They mostly feed on flowers and flower bearing weeds and thus mostly found prancing in and around flower gardens. Kids and butterflies share a very special relation. Because of their merry colorful looks and spirit full flight butterflies are an easy favorite with kids of all ages. Even popular cartoons like ‘The Venture Bros’ have characters dressed as monarch butterfly. This interest can be put to use by making children learn more about butterflies, different types of their species and their feeding habits, the pattern of their migration and more. You can encourage them by gathering butterfly information for kids.

You probably don’t even know how many questions their little minds nurture regarding butterflies. What do they eat? Do they have brain? Does their heart beat like ours?  For starters they would gain by knowing that there are more than 15000 species of butterflies scattered all over the world. They are often perplexed why their winged friends go missing during the chilly months. Information about butterflies will make them understand that a warm weather suits them the most. Most of them can be fatally injured by being held and handled improperly. Small butterflies that have just emerged from their pupa should not be touched at all. If the vein on the front wing gets broken due to rude handling the butterfly will remain flightless forever. These little facts will make your child more responsible and careful when they venture out to see butterflies.

Kids are often said be like a mould of clay that comes out as well you cast them. Gathering and recording information, keeping them in an organized manner is a very healthy habit that you can inculcate in them by guiding them. Firstly check out if your child likes butterflies. Most likely, most of them would. Next make them search about different types of butterflies, where they are found, what they eat, where they migrate, etc.Make them keep a small notebook where they jot down their findings and sketches if they like to draw. It would be an asset they will love to flaunt in front of friends and classmates. Praise their efforts and give little rewards to heighten their interest and happiness.

What can heighten their interest further is keeping their own live butterfly kit. They can see the caterpillar grow and evolve into a mature butterfly. The different stages of metamorphosis will become crystal clear and you will soon be delighted to find a young Darwin in your little one. Not only will this sort of activity keep him active and informed but also grow a sense of responsibility in them. It is a very nice way of keeping your child busy during those long holidays.” Butterfly information for kids is a good option as winter project too. Get more by logging on to.

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