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Kipandi Butterfly Park

English: Photo of the boardwalk in Kota Kinaba...

English: Photo of the boardwalk in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There a lot of different elements one can explore and discover in the country of Malaysia. One of the most precious elements one must never miss out is the treasured flora and fauna highly preserved by the local people and the Malaysia government in the different states of Malaysia.

In Sabah, there are many of these flora and fauna which are absolutely beneficial for one to learn so as to increase their knowledge and also their appreciation towards the beauty of the Mother Nature.

If you are interested to know more about the gorgeous flora and fauna in Sabah, feel free to head on to the Kipandi Butterfly Park in Kota Kinabalu to witness these nature beauties for yourself.

In the Kipandi Butterfly Park, it is guaranteed that you would definitely be able to discover new types of insect species that you had never seen before. In the same time, nature lovers like you might also find the park a nature heaven due to the fact that the park is surrounded by over 8000 species of flora which you will feel that you never have the enough time to study all of them.

Another butterfly @Kipandi Butterfly Farm

Another butterfly @Kipandi Butterfly Farm (Photo credit: duyakaring …)

There are three major sections which you can explore in the Kipandi Butterfly Park. One of them is the Butterfly Garden. Here, the preserved butterfly species are being set free and you can see them soaring up high above your heads while capturing their beautiful yet elegant flying styles.

The Butterfly Garden in the park also includes one of the rarest species of butterfly you can find in the country such as the golden birdwings and the Rajah brooks.

Besides of the Butterfly Garden, you can also visit the Insects Museum in the Kipandi Butterfly Park, which exposes you to the exhibition of over 500 species of butterflies and over 3000 species of beetles in the park. Here, you will definitely be able to learn more about these insect species as detailed explanation regarding the origins and the lifestyles of the insects are being explained through the exhibition in the Insects Museum.

The New One!

The New One! (Photo credit: duyakaring …)

In the same time, you can also grab this opportunity to learn more about the rare insect species in the entire world, which are also being exhibited in the Insects Museums for the visitors to enhance their knowledge on the insect species residing in the state of Sabah.

If you are interested with the flora species in the state of Sabah, you can also head on to the Native Plants Collections section in the Kipandi Butterfly Park. In this section, you will find rare plant species such as the endangered orchids being highly preserved. This section is also the perfect place of nature researchers to learn more about the different plant species in the state, as some of the plants exhibited in this section are rare and hard to be seen in real life.

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