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ikross Black Universal Portable Collapsible Desk Stand holder For Smartphones, MP3 Players, iPhone

This iKross Foldable Collapsible Stand holder is the perfect solution to watching video, FaceTime, surf the web, view photos and more on your device hands free. Portable and compact, fits in any bag or briefcase when it is folded.

Phone not included.

Compatibility: Fits most Cellphone, Smartphone, PDA and MP3 Player

Product Features

  • iKross Universal Collapsible Desktop Holder for Smartphones and MP3 Players.
  • Ultra Lightweight and Compact Design. Easy to Carry and Holds Your Favorite Device. Ideal for Office, Home or Travel.
  • Collapsed Size: 3.25 x 2.35 x 0.25 Inches. Weight: 1 Oz.
  • Non-Slip Footing Prevents Your Device from Moving While Operating.
  • 4 Adjustable Viewing Angle in both Portrait and Landscpe Mode. Ideal for Watching Your Favorite Video, FaceTime and Hands Free Operation.

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One Comment

  1. Anonymous says:

    This review is between the ikross universal collapsiblle desk stand and the EMPIRE mini folding stand.ikross:, the ikross: 4 out 5 stars (minus -1 for build quality)Pros:- Rubber cradle: Where the phone sits on the bottom of the stand are two rubber square pieces. This is perfect if you don’t have a case on your phone and are afraid of scratches. Now, the TOP of the stand where the back of your phone would rest does NOT have rubber on it. It’s the same plastic as the rest of the stand, but I don’t see this scratching your device (don’t hold me accountable if it does…)- Rubber feet: The bottom of the stand has two different spots where there’s rubber (the same type where your phone sits). There’s two on both sides of the feet, but also on the adjustable stand. If you look at the product pictures you will see the stand that adjusts to the different elevation levels. Well, the part that connects has two more rubber pieces on either side. This is super useful in keeping your device (and the stand) from moving if you bump it or use the device while it’s on the stand.- Portable: If you fold it back up it’ll compact nicely and be easy to throw in your pocket or bag.Cons:- Construction/Build quality: It’s plastic…also, the hinges where the plastic bends when you adjust the stand also turned white a little from the first bend. This usually means that after enough folding and opening it may snap. This may be a con for some if they wish to constantly carry it and take it out, but for me it’s just going to sit on my desk so I’m not worried.EMPIRE Black Mini Folding Stand: 3 out of 5 stars (minus -1 for no rubber; minus -1 for cradle hindering portability)Pros:- Simple: just gotta open and close it when you need to use it- Build Quality: It’s plastic, but the hinge where it opens and closes is built nicely.Cons:- NO RUBBER!: I was disappointed when there was no rubber in the cradle or on the bottom of the stand anywhere. This causes the stand to slide when I try to use the phone while it’s sitting in the stand.- Not flush when compacting: When you fold it up and want to take it somewhere, the lip in the craddle can be annoying. Even though it is pretty small to begin with, I feel like it takes away from the portability. For me, that would not be nice to have scrapping the inside of my pocket.RESULTS:- Both stands are relatively cheap ($4.97 to $4.49 respectively). However, I have to give the win to the **ikross because of the rubber implemented in the stand. Though you sacrifice a little on build quality, it meets my needs and has what I’m looking for.

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