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How to Carry Out a Butterfly Wedding Theme

There are many women who are very fond of butterflies. Some of them would even like to render the elegance, freedom, beauty, and magic brought about by these fluttering creatures into their wedding day. A butterfly wedding theme is not hard to carry out. There are plenty of options couples and wedding planners could do with butterflies. The first thing that needs to be done is to decide on the color scheme. Some prefer white butterflies to accentuate their main motif while others choose the color of the butterflies based on the wedding’s color scheme.


A butterfly wedding theme could easily be applied by decorating the venue with real or replica butterflies suspended in the air. Real butterflies are available from botanical gardens or zoos. Decorators could use flowers that naturally attract butterflies for the posts, the walls, the tables, or the aisle. You could try decorating each table with a specific kind of butterfly or have the same butterfly design applied for all tables. Butterfly accessories could also be used for centerpieces, your guest book, your invitation, confetti, candles, ribbons, and so on. You just have to be creative.

Wedding Attire

Again, the options are endless on incorporating a butterfly wedding theme to your bridal gown or the dresses of your bridesmaids. Your dressmaker could sew butterfly appliqués to your gown or your veil. You could also purchase a butterfly tiara or headpiece from bridal shops. Sew ready-made butterfly designs to your purse or your garter.

The same could be done for the dresses of your bridesmaids and flower girls. Pick pastel or light-colored gowns to be complemented with colorful butterfly designs or embroideries. Sometimes, flower girls are made to wear handmade butterfly wings, a sight to behold indeed. Your entourage could also use butterfly accessories like headpieces, tiaras, necklaces, earrings, and other hair accessories.

And who says only the women could enjoy a butterfly wedding theme? Men could be handed butterfly pins for their traditional suits or tuxedos. For more informal weddings, they could even wear ties with butterfly prints. 


The wedding cake, the dining tables, and the centerpieces are just some of wedding reception elements on which the butterfly wedding theme could be applied. There are plenty of butterfly-themed wedding cakes available – some of them simple and elegant while others a little more colorful – to suit anyone’s taste. Meanwhile, your centerpieces could be candelabras with butterfly designs or flower arrangements with real butterflies. 

During reception, some couples have taken on the butterfly release tradition wherein scores of butterflies are set free. Throwing out colorful petals would make a good substitute for real butterflies if you are hesitant to use live ones. Your wedding favors could also be butterfly-themed. One of the most interesting suggestions is giving away seeds of flowers that butterflies find attractive. Couples could also give out butterfly-shaped cookies, boxes, chocolates, and so on. 

A butterfly-themed wedding is sure to be exciting and unforgettable. It is best for free-spirited brides and nature-loving grooms. However, make sure that your butterfly theme does not overshadow the true meaning of the ceremony.

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