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Hidden Garden

Product Features

  • Find the hidden object picture game
  • 4 unique musical compositions
  • Gorgeous natural scenery pics

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  1. J. Chambers says:

    Gorgeous graphics, but not the typical hidden object puzzle Note: I played Hidden Garden on my Kindle Fire.Hidden Garden is not your typical find-the-hidden-object puzzle. For one thing, there’s no timer and no scoring. You simply find all the hidden objects and move on to the next screen. There are twenty screens, and I have to say that the graphics were like fine art paintings, they were some of the best that I’ve seen in this kind of app. The developer obviously likes butterflies, since fifteen of the screens contained butterflies, with the remaining screens having birds, ladybugs, or hearts.These are tough puzzles. Each screen has 14-21 hidden objects. About half of the objects were fairly obvious, but when I got down to the last 2-3 objects, I often had to tap randomly to find them. There is a Hint button, but it only works when you’re down to one object. It took me about 2Ā½ hours to clear the twenty screens.A nice feature is the choice of four different musical themes. If you don’t like any of them, you can turn off the sound.Hidden Garden is a different twist on the typical hidden object puzzle, but it’s definitely worth a look, if only for the lush artwork.

  2. SuzyD says:

    Simply magical. True, finishing all levels didn’t take very long, but the smile on my face grew bigger with each new image. A couple of the images were a bit oversweet to my taste, but the huge majority were amazing, evoking memories of the magical forests in European fairy tales.Once the more obvious objects are eliminated, the more subtle begin to come into focus. I’d be tempted to call the experience Zen-like, if I knew from Zen.The game opens with all but the first image locked, which I at first found disappointing, but, ultimately, found it enhanced the whole discovery experience.Most games like this I uninstall after playing through (love that ability on the Kindle Fire, having the app always available for a near-instant reinstall, if desired), but this one I’ll be keeping installed, not so much for replay value (realistically, after you’ve found the objects once, it’s not much of a challenge to repeat), but to have those beautiful images available to escape into. (Hurray for run-on sentences!)Gorgeous. Soothing. Enjoyable. Magical. What more can I say? (Other than: more levels, please!)

  3. Elf.of.Lianion says:

    Nice game After reading the reviews that were here so far, I was hesitant but I am glad I bought the app. Yes, the first couple of levels are simple, but I believe that is to show you what to expect from this game as there are no instructions. Yes,as the other reviewer wrote, you can tap around and find everything eventually, but is that not true of any hidden object game? This game just does not penelize you for such stupidity. That does not make it less challenging for true hidden object players. I found the game both enjoyable and challenging.

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