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Hidden Garden Paradise

Product Features

  • No timers, No Pressure, Just relax
  • 25 Peaceful relaxing scenes
  • Find over 500 items
  • 4 fantastic new musical compositions

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  1. Christian "ck7kk12" says:

    MobWin ad network! TrustGo security scanned this app upon installation and flagged it as a threat. The threat has to do with the in-app advertising client, MobWin. This advertising client leaks your information to third-party websites without you being aware it’s happening.

  2. SmilingPublic says:

    Contains Adware TrustGo Security tells me that this one contains MobWin.A@Android. Not too sure if this an advertisement network or a malware. Flags as low risk.Uninstalled.

  3. Eadie Sharp says:

    pretty pics only The only good things about this hidden pictures app are the pictures used to “hide” the images. Images hidden on each picture are the same (ie: find 22 butterflies on one, 22 birds on another, etc). You get 1hint if done to your last hidden picture. It’s not a true hidden picture game either. Sometimes the hidden picture (like birds) don’t even look like the object, just an odd shape! The pictures are only shaded into actual background & frustrating if your vision is not clear. It was also very boring as hidden pictures go. I will be deleting & removing this waste of space from my Kindle Fire HD. Thank goodness it was the FAOTD as I would’ve been VERY disappointed if I paid for it.

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