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Heirloom 200 Seeds Iris Tectorum Blue Purple Butterfly Flag Wild Garden Flower Bulk Seeds S005

Bloom Time: Late spring

Foliage Color: Green


Spread: 18-24″

Product Features

  • Name: Iris Tectorum (blue)
  • Quantity: 200 Bulk Seeds
  • Type: Annual
  • Soil Preference: The most critical growing factor is the moisture level of the soil and drainage. Bearded Irises will absolutely not tolerate “wet feet” (too much water will cause the rhizomes to rot) and require very well-drained soil at all times of the year. They will grow in any good garden soil as long as this drainage is provided.
  • Light Requirements: All Irises will produce the most flowers if they receive a full day of sun, but will also perform reasonably well with a half day of sun.

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