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Haven’t You Always Wanted to Catch a Butterfly?

Indoor butterfly gardens are the best place to really see and study the thousands of different butterfly varieties there are in the world.  You can watch the whole process from the cocooning through the metamorphosis, and throughout the butterfly stage. After the final transformation, a butterfly’s life expectancy is only a few weeks.

Indoor butterfly gardens are built much like a greenhouse, using a transparent or near transparent screen in the place of a roof and walls.  This lets in natural light. They are then furnished with a variety of plants, flowers, and shrubs, and often feature fountains and small ponds.  This duplicates a very natural habitat.

Butterflies like to eat citrus fruit.  Butterfly gardens will often lay slices of oranges throughout the garden, which a butterfly will perch on and graze for very long periods of time.  If coaxed, a butterfly might climb upon your finger, and stay there for awhile, giving you a chance to really study their beautiful colors and fascinating wing texture.  Sometimes they will simply fly over and cling onto a part of your clothing, or your hair.  You can move around naturally and they won’t be bothered.  Children are fascinated with butterflies, and these gardens can provide hours of enjoyment as well as a learning opportunity for your child. They should be cautioned, howver, never to pick up a butterfly by its wings, as this will surely kill it within minutes. Instead, they can “coax” the butterfly onto their finger, or better yet, simply hold a piece of citrus fruit in your hand, and chances are, a butterfly will settle gently on the piece of fruit.

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