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Hanging Butterfly Decoration

Making nylon butterflies with nylon material has been a long time tradition. At Heart To Heart, we use only the finest and most delicate nylon fabric as the material. While the nylon butterfly material is delicate, it also has to be sturdy to withstand the stretch and tear and wear. We also use non-toxic colors to dye the material. Soft wires were bended into butterfly shapes, then, nylon materials are stretched and framed the wires. It takes skill and experience to make it perfect. After the basic nylon butterflies are made, sparkling glitters are added to the trim to give a glow, flower shaped sequins are then glued sparsely throughout the body.

Along with the nylon butterflies collection, we’ve also created dragonfly, bumble bee, ladybugs and flowers. Together, they make a beautiful garden theme. These creatures come in also different sizes and colors, they completely compliment each other in terms of shapes and sizes. Often times, our customers use them for a butterfly party , baby shower, and then, after the event, they use these items as butterfly decorations for butterfly nursery or a little girls butterfly garden room. With the nylon butterfly collection, each bugs and flowers have soft wire legs behind them, you can tie them to bed posters, use them as curtain tie back, stick them to a photo frame, or lamp shade. You can also staple them to the wall as butterfly wall decoration. Hanging a bunch of nylon butterflies, nylon dragonflies, nylon bumble bees, nylon ladybug and nylon flowers are the most commonly used application among our customers. The beautiful glitters and embellishments sparkles as these light weighted nylon butterflies, bugs and flowers sways with gentle breeze. They transform the rooms instantly into a butterfly nursery and butterfly room .

Product Features

  • 5″ W x 4″ H Small Light Pink Hanging Butterfly: Made with a soft wire frame for nursery, bedroom, party hanging decoration;
  • Embellished with sparkling sequins and glitter;
  • This nylon butterfly decorates the wall or stands on a flat surface using its flexible wire legs;
  • Additional sizes are available in various colors, please visit Amazon Store:
  • Please note: Sizes are approximate and are handmade and variances may occur.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The item is very pretty, girlie. The main issue is it does not come with anything to hang them up with. I assumed that they would. Now I have to figure out how to hang them. I need to go buy some type of pipe cleaners or something, maybe glue…not sure. They should have come with something to hang them with or some instructions/suggestions on how to hang them. So my only gripe.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I guess I didn’t pay that close attention to the size of this butterfly, more attention given to decorating description. And I’m not so sure it’s even 5 inches. This butterfly would be good for decorating a card but not a room….just thought I’d put it in perspective for you.

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