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There are few creatures on the planet that are more beautiful, eternal, and delicate than the butterfly.  They flit lightly through the air, sipping the sweet nectar from many varieties of colorful plants, and emit a timeless magnificence and elegance.  These striking creatures inspire a wide variety of Butterfly Gifts that continue to remind everyone of their presence, enjoying life.


In many regions of Africa, the local natives collect the wings of the dead butterflies they find on the ground, and use to create stunning scenes with a mosaic of the wings.  In making these pictures, the native use 100% real butterfly wings that arranged into pictures of animals, birds, scenery, and people representing the striking aspects of native African culture.  This is a popular way of preserving the beauty of the butterflies, and providing the indigenous people an income. 

Framed Art

A most popular use of butterflies is in framed art.  The butterflies are raised in butterfly farms in tropical locations, ensuring an income for the original people, and helping protect the rain forests.  They are gently mounted in either a Riker mount, styrene case, or airtight acrylic cube; allowing them to be displayed on a wall or shelf.  A framed butterfly is a great gift for people of all ages.


Whether just beginning to appreciate the beauty of the butterfly, or a seasoned collector, there is an abundance of books on butterflies.  They range from methods of identifying the different species, ways of attracting the butterflies, and finding and growing plants most popular used to attract the butterflies.  There are many helpful books illustrating these creatures, as well as ones that facilitate the beginner in planting a successful butterfly garden.


For many people who are horticulturally-impaired, a butterfly feeder may be the perfect solution to attract and feed a variety of butterfly species.  Most of the feeders contain up to 12 ounces of nectar, and can be hung or mounted on a stand.  Many of these feeders accommodate the butterfly’s favorite fruits as well, such as bananas, peaches, cantaloupes, and watermelons and many are built to be bee and wasp-proof.

Butterfly Habitats

A Butterfly Pavilion is perfectly suited for young entomologists to successfully raise butterflies.  These are lightweight and sturdy, and allow the enthusiast to witness the entire lifecycle of the butterfly from larvae, to caterpillar, to stunning adult butterfly.  They are built with a see through mesh and are equipped with a zipper for feeding and watering the inhabitants.  These are specifically recommended for classroom environments, and others who appreciate the beauty of the butterflies and are enthusiastic in raising them.

Overall, an abundance of gifts allow people to appreciate the beauty of butterflies, and include framed and mounted butterflies, as well as ones used to create stunning mosaics of animals, birds, native people, and scenery. Many books on butterflies are published and available for both the novice entomologist and the experienced connoisseur. Habitats, feeders, and a variety of other Butterfly Gifts are available for butterfly enthusiasts of all ages.

Author advices on why you should buy butterfly gifts. parents can gift them to their kids to raise interest in nature.
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