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Gifts & Decor Butterfly Flower Garden Stepping Stone

A pair of vivid butterflies frolics amongst lush foliage, enlivening a bas-relief stepping stone with glowing colors and romantic sentiment. Sure to be the crowning jewel of your garden. Cement. 11-inch diameter x 1-inch thick.

Product Features

  • Bas-relief stepping stone made from cement
  • Painted with glowing colors and vivid butterflies
  • Sure to be the center of attraction in any garden
  • Dimensions: 11-Inch diameter x 1 inch thick
  • Great gift for housewarmings and get-togethers

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  1. Love my Life says:

    Don’t step on Stepping Stones I received my 2 new stepping stones from NetGifts on Wednesday and got so excited with the color and shape of them. A day later I went into my garden to water and walked on my new stepping stones, they both cracked. I had to throw them both away. Use these stepping stones for decorative uses only! DON’T STEP ON THE STEPPING STONES.

  2. Heather Hunter-hendricks says:

    Poor quality! I was given this as a gift and it crumbled in less than a year. I set it outside, against a wall, which was shaded most of the time. The plaster or cement they used just crumbled. I would not recommend this stepping stone to anyone.

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