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Garden Butterfly Mat – Instant Garden, Roll N Grow – Seeded Mat – Just Roll and Grow! Instant Flower Garden – (Easy & Hassle Free!) – Grow Flowers Quickly & Easily!

Just place seeded flower mat exactly where you want it and add water. Flower seeds are distributed evenly throughout the mat. As the flowers grow, the mat dissolves and becomes part of the yard as organic matter while also suppressing weed growth. The 10-foot by 8-inch mat of “butterfly garden” flowers can be cut to any size as preferred.


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IMPORTANT PLANTING NOTICE: These mats grow best in soil that has been raked or sowed and soil that is moist and in sufficient sunlight… Not ideal for desert like conditions – similar to planting any other standard flower!

Product Features

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  1. Sic "Leather Face" says:

    Pretty Good Not Great I bought Instant Garden at Home Depot for $2.49 on Sale so i decided to buy 2 of them and try them out. i did not follow the instructions like it said on the side. i did level the dirt and left roughly 2 inch’s of loose dirt under the mat,but did not use topsoil or anytype of nutrients. i have been watering the mats once a day for 5 days now,already have buds growing Tons of them. i am happy with product so far! people complain because they see a picture on side of product and think thats what it is going to be. well just like taking a peach seed or plum seed out of a plum/peach after eatting it, then planting it in the ground doesnt mean its going to turn into a Tree.i would buy another Instant Garden! only on sale though.

  2. Greypiffle Fogg "Grey" says:

    buttery flower mat is the bomb! I bought this in March, and did not have a chance to use it until mid June. I put down a half bag of potting soil – the mat – and the other half of the soil. two weeks later, I had several shoots and here we are in November in Florida, and I STILL have lots of flowers! Just made sure to water lightly every day it didn’t rain. I probably should have trimmed it back because some of them are over 4 foot tall and I had to tie them back last month. I’m going to try trimming next year.

  3. roy in tampa says:

    no good after 6 weeks we got 1 flower i spent a lot of time on this! don”t waste your time on this very over rated.

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