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Garden Butterflies of North America: A Gallery of Garden Butterflies & How to Attract Them

The successful Garden Butterflies of North America is now available in a softcover edition, making the vivid color portfolio of 40 of North America’s most treasured and colorful garden butterfly varieties more affordable. Each of the individual butterflies is beautifully photographed in large-format, four-color images that are accompanied by natural history vignettes of the species and information on how to attract them. Illustrated instructions on how to design and manage gardens and backyards to attract butterflies comprises the remainder of the text. Numerous charts and plans for all types of gardens, from a container garden to a full-sized formal garden, specific details on plants that attract butterflies, how-to diagrams for building a butterfly hibernating box, and water sources such as ponds, fountains, mud baths, and waterless ponds are also included. Rick Mikula is the founder of the Hole-In-Hand Butterfly Farm where he’s been breeding and selling butterflies in seven greenhouses since 1980. His work has been profiled in People magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and on the Discovery Channel. In addition, Mikula serves as the butterfly habitat consultant for many universities, zoos, museums, and aviaries.

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  1. faithamus says:

    Wonderful, informative book I checked out several books from the library to complete my research on a butterfly garden for my backyard. This one book was the best, most informative, easiest instructions I found. I had a small area to work with, and 2 years later my butterfly garden is a beautiful sight to behold, and my personal treasure to work in and with. It’s design follows Mr. Mikula’s basic instructions, and to date we have had several different types of butterflies visit our garden. What a joy. Thank you, Mr. Mikula!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    garden butterflies of north amer. book Book is very informative and the photography is wonderful. Good bood for your reference section if you are a gardening book collector.

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