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As most of us concur that butterflies are beautiful colorful creatures which have various shapes and measurements dependent on its species. One these butterfly family members is the Lycaenidae which can be generally known as blue simply because they may be predominantly blue in shade. They are also known as coppers or hairstreaks.

The top surface with the wings is usually shades of blue. But occasionally they can be purple or even red. They might have a variety of colours on their undersides which may be noticed when they are resting.

Forms of Blue Butterflies

The Lycaenidae family and its subfamilies have types of blue butterflies like the Chequered Blue Butterfly Widespread Grass Blue Butterfly and Huge Blue Butterfly. Chequered blue and widespread grass is mostly found in Australia and the big blue butterfly is found in Europe and some components of Asia. This butterfly had grow to be extinct in the united kingdom in 1979 however they have been reintroduced by conservationists. They may be not found anywhere else on the earth.

Huge Blue Butterflies Habitat

Feminine huge blue butterflies will only lay their eggs on wild thyme or marjoram buds. The caterpillars of the big blue butterflies feed on wild Thyme and Marjoram in their initial phases of advancement. The caterpillar then drops alone in the plant and wait for a passing red ant to choose it up and take it to their nests.

Later on they hibernate within the tunnels of red ants Myrmica sabuleti. Right after hibernation they feed on eggs and larvae of red ants for about three weeks. The caterpillar will then hang itself upside down by its legs connected towards the ant nests and get an additional three weeks to expand into an adult huge blue butterfly.

Yet another interesting fact is whilst the caterpillar lives in the red ant nests the ants stroke them with their antenna. The caterpillar secretes small drops of honey dew which the ants and their younger ones feed on. This is just a wonderful act of nature This act of ideal accordance among the red ants and also the caterpillars of big blue butterflies is something well worth acknowledging.

As talked about previously huge blue butterflies were extinct in 1979. But thanks to the charity Butterfly Conservation and also the Center for Ecology and Hydrology who assisted in reintroducing this stunning species again. We as citizens of this planet should also strive to conserve endangered butterfly species to produce our planet a much more stunning location to live in.

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