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With mystical beauty and delicate grace, butterflies amaze and mesmerize us. They decorate our gardens with vibrant color and assist other insects in the pollination of flowers. Do you wish you could attract more of these beautiful creatures to your yard? You can! Easily and quickly, you can transform a small portion of your lawn into a butterfly paradise. Rose Franklin has been invested in, and possibly obsessed with, butterfly gardening for 20 years. She has rated and ranked hundreds of plant species for their attractiveness to butterflies, and then compiled a list of plants that are irresistible to them. This book beautifully illustrates and describes the top ranking plants. It also intimately introduces you to some of the butterflies you will likely see in your newly-created butterfly garden.

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  1. Monarch Waystation 5840 says:

    “MUST HAVE” BOOK FOR BUTTERFLY HABITATS I just purchased this book and could hardly put it down! It is a great read and is packed full unbiased tried and true information. If this book was available 16 years ago when I first started butterfly gardening -I would have saved myself alot of time and money. The book is – a Fast Track! It is full of great photos and information right from the source. I have ordered plants from her perennial nursery and have had the opportunity to attend a seminar and tour the gardens in Spring Mills, PA. Her committment in creating habitats and sharing her wealth of information through this book is a gift.

  2. Mary L. Waitkaitis "MLWCRASH" says:

    Awesome photos and info to start gardening for butterflies!!!! Excellent book to help give you the basics of gardening for butterflies. It has amazing photos and tips to choose flowers,shrubs and trees that are attractive to various species of butterflies! Well worth the investment. I also had the oppurtunity to visit Rose Franklin’s gardens and see the caterpillars and butterflies she raises! She has information about monarch caterpillars that is invaluable to someone who would like to raise caterpillars at home! Her love for butterflies and gardening will open a door for you and your family . One small step will keep butterflies alive and well for future generations. Her website is (…). She has been wonderful. She answered my questions by email and has given me guidance to make my garden a “BUTTERFLY ZONE’. I highly recommend puchasing this book-you will not be sorry!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a handy tool for a beginner getting into butterfly gardening – especially if they live in the USA.

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