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Fascinations GreenEarth Praying Mantis Kit

Product Features

  • Fascinations designs product to illustrate many magical aspects of our world
  • Learn about the life cycle, biology and care of insects
  • Nature kits created to hatch and grow live insects
  • Learn all about life cycles and biology while discovering the fascinating miniature world of live insects
  • Interactive, educational, and non-violent

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  1. meaganElise9 says:

    I’ll let you in on some secrets Ok, first of all, if you’re interested in owning and raising mantids, this isn’t necessarily the best place to start. If you don’t already know, this product comes with the housing, a pipette, a pair of forceps, and a magnifying glass. It comes with some very interesting information as well as suggestions on where you can order an ootheca (mantis egg sac), but that is a separate cost and when you receive that ooth after ordering depends entirely upon what time of year you order it because you’re really relying on nature and mantids lay oothecae in approximately the third week of fall. Theoretically, based on the information provided with the kit, you could go find your own ootheca in nature and hatch it at home (that is, of course, if you want to have a couple hundred babies around to take care of). Sounds overwhelming for a beginner.This container would be ideal for perhaps an adult mantis but not a nymph. Not only that, you can buy the same thing here:[...] although at ikea, it’s for laundry. Ha!Frankly, what I suggest instead is going to two websites: and Between those two, you can acquire all the knowledge you need to raise a mantis with the Appropriate materials, which, for a nymph will probably involve a simple plastic container you can buy at the grocery store.. Not only that, you can also choose between a multitude of amazing species!

  2. C. Anderson says:

    Great house for any insect This is the habitat only, (as stated, you must send in the coupon for the insect(s) plus shipping. If you are ordering this for the praying mantis, make sure you order by April, so you can get the egg cases sent to you before they are out of stock). This is well made and easy enough for a 5 year old to get in and out of to take care of the praying mantis. Its nice because it has a zipper at the top for smaller opening. It has handles to hang as well. The screen is small enough to allow oxygen in and keeps the insects inside nicely. Great for educational learning about nature and other creatures. This can be used over and over again for other purposes as well.

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