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Fantech RSK 6 Backdraft Damper 6″ Duct

Fantech RSK 6 RSK Series Backdraft Damper

Product Features

  • Backdraft dampers with galvanized steel collar and lightweight aluminum damper blades
  • Spring loaded for positive closure
  • Duct Diameter : 6 inches

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  1. Burtin says:

    Buy a valve of a different design–you’ll be money ahead later. I bought a pair of these (with a good ducted fan) when I was improving our bathrooms some years ago. Within months of being installed, they both stuck halfway open. I was able to work some penetrating light machine oil into the hinges and work the valve flaps until they moved freely again. That lasted a week, and I did it several times. Since I have other things to do with my time, I eventually left them as is because they’re not easy to get to in my house.We are having our bathrooms remodeled now, and as part of that I checked the two valves. The hinges show classic signs of electrolysis because of galvanized steel duct, in contact with aluminum butterfly flaps, in contact with a brass hinge pin. I cannot do anything with the units but replace them–they are completely beyond reasonable repair that this point. I went to the local hardware store where I purchased the original units and they informed me that they no longer even handle those valves because they’re so poorly designed.My advice? Save yourself time and money, and pass these valves by. There are other, less expensive, better-designed valves available.

  2. C. T. Stude says:

    Worse than worthless This was a completely unworkable piece of junk. It was so poorly built that the damper would stick closed and require manual force to open it. Once opened, the tiny little spring was too weak to close it. If installed in a forced air duct system, it would be worthless at best, and at worst could cause a fan motor to overload and burn out.I contacted the supplier by e-mail to demand a refund and received a response saying to send the item back. I sent it back to the return address on the box in which it was shipped, which was the factory in Florida. A few days later, I received a call from the factory telling me that they knew nothing about the transaction and that I should have shipped it back to the seller (a third party operating through Amazon).Fortunately, I eventually did receive credit for the item, but not for my expense of returning it.

  3. M. Kelson says:

    Incredibly Poor Product I didn’t buy this thru Amazon, but I did buy a Fantech RSK6 damper awhile back. The damper has two basic problems: the spring is too weak and there is to much friction between the rod and the crude metal sleeves on the end of the butterfly wings that swivel on the rod.I wound up taking the thing apart and removing two of the sleeves with some tinsnips to reduce the friction as possible. I then inserted a small screwdriver in each sleeve and carefully realigned then so they were straight and finally I made all the sleeves slightly larger.That eliminated the friction between the sleeves and the rod, but didn’t solve the problem because the spring isn’t strong enough. After my overhaul, I did discover that the damper would now work OK, though, as long as it was mounted horizontally and the rod was in a perpendicular orientation.

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