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Everyone Has His or Her Own Happiness and Three Butterflies

One day, the Dragon King met with the frog on the beach, and the frog asked the Dragon King: “Dear King, what is your residence like?” “The palace is bricked with pearl; palace buildings are built with shells; gorgeous and magnificent roof; solid and beautiful pillar and hall.” After finish saying, the Dragon King asked the frog: “And you? What about your residence?” The frog said: “I feel the green moss of my residence is like a felt, with springs murmuring.” And then, the frog raised another question: “King, what will you behave when you are happy? And what will you behave when you are angry?” The Dragon King said: “If I’m happy, I will produce plenty of rain in order to let the earth moisturized, so that people will have good harvest; if I’m angry, the first thing for me is to make wind and storm, and then send thunder, and then make lightning, so there isn’t any grass within a thousand miles. Well, what about you?” The frog said: “When I am pleased, I will quack for a while in the face of breeze and bright moon; but when I am angry, I will  glare at everything first and then balloon my belly. As a result, the anger will disappear and my belly will become flat. In this way, everything is to the end.”


We live in the world, and one day we have to enter the community, playing a certain role in society: “Dragon King” or “frog”. Dragon King has his way of living and the frog also has its way of living, so don’t blindly envy others. For the frog and the Dragon King, both of them have his own happiness.


Three butterflies flew near to a burning candle, wanting to explore the characteristics of the fire. A butterfly flew toward the candle first and said when came back: “The fire is glowing.” The other butterfly flew to the flame closer. As a result, it had one of its wings scorched. It flew back and said: “The fire is burning.” And the third butterfly flew much closer but lost in the fire and never came back. It has known everything that it wants to know, but it cannot tell them to others. It is also the same in our life: we cannot tell what we have known and we do not know what we have said.

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