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Endangered Species Butterfly, Organic Dark (70%) Chocolate, 1.4-Ounce Bars (Pack of 16)

Endangered Species Butterfly, Organic Dark Chocolate is pure and simple. It has 70 percent cocoa content. It is certified organic, gluten free, Kosher. It is also non gramsO verified. The cacao used is sourced from rainforest alliance certified farms. Sourced from ethically traded cacao farms ensuring fair trade, responsible labor practices and sustainable farming. Meticulous care goes into sourcing our ingredients and creating our chocolate. We have traveled the globe to meet the farmers who grow our sourced cacao. First hand, we have experienced the pride and passion these farmers have for their crops. That level of passion and pride extends to our manufacturing facility as well. Endangered Species Chocolate’s Quality and Production teams are top notch and ever mindful of supporting your health, your taste buds, and our planet.

Product Features

  • Premium organic chocolate
  • Shade-grown ethically-traded cocoa beans from small family-owned farms
  • Supports endangered animals habitat and humanity
  • Each bar contains educational information about the endangered animal on the wrapper

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One Comment

  1. None of the Above says:

    Small bars of chocolate, but easy on the conscience I wish they had shipped me the correct box of chocolate… instead, I ended up with the cherry dark chocolate. Still good, but not what I ordered. The bars are very small, compared to a typical bar of chocolate, but I suppose that’s what happens when you ask for the switch to organic.

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