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Colorful Butterfly Wedding Favors

There are many kinds of butterflies scattered all over the world. From the smallest Western Pygmy Blue Butterfly to the largest Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing and from the uni-color one to the most colorful, their existence in the world can be given different meanings and interpretations. There are many symbolic meanings associated with the butterfly.

There are many links with butterflies in mythology from all over the world, many of which, in particular Greek mythology, link butterflies to the human soul. The Ancient Greeks also considered butterflies as the souls of those who had passed away. Germany has a very unique belief about butterflies. As butterflies can often be found hovering about milk pails or butter churns, they have become associated with witches trying to steal the cream. The German word for butterfly is “Schmetterling”, which is actually derived for the Czech word “Smetana” which means “cream”. The Mandarin Chinese word for butterfly is “hu-tieh”. “Tieh” means “70 years”, therefore butterflies have become a symbol for a long life. In this culture butterflies have also become representative of young men in love. In the Japanese culture butterflies are thought to be representative of young maidens and marital bliss. Many Japanese families use the butterfly in the family crest design. Nevertheless, I have come to know that butterfly means “new life”. Or in other words it can be related to “a new beginning”.

As much meaning as you care to put on butterflies. In certain cultures they may have specific meaning, but, like black cats and walking under ladders, the meaning is cultural rather than scientific. We are all small and appear to be the same like the caterpillar. But as we grow older our true beauty shows like the butterfly. Like a butterfly, we are all different yet beautiful in our own way. Butterflies symbolize change.


As the two people are about to enter a new chapter of their lives, they can be related to as a butterflies. Their lives may never be the same again, they may completely change, adjust and adapt to a new routine, and improve their attitude and character to build a closer to perfection family of their own. On their wedding day, they can express what they want to convey to their visitors through their wedding favors. Butterfly wedding favors best communicate more than any word they can say. Distributing everyone with this unique wedding favor is the most thoughtful way of expressing thanks to their families, friends, and all their loved ones.


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