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Featuring more than 500 photographs taken on location around the globe of living insects in their natural habitats with personal stories from the photographer, Butterfly captures 16 year’s worth of travel over five continents for an up-close view of the astonishing variety and behavior of the world’s butterflies and moths. Now in paperback!

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  1. Too Cold in Madison says:

    Another DK visual tour de force DK has done it again! I have been very pleased with their recent large nature pictorial books such as Rain Forest and Reef. This book is right up there with the others. It contains hundreds of stunning photos with just enough explanatory text to fascinate. This book is a bargain even at list price. At the Amazon price it’s a steal. Anyone remotely interested in butterflies and moths will treasure this book. I eagerly await whatever their next endeavor will be.

  2. Tim Lasiuta "Comic Fan 42" says:

    Butterfly—Brilliant Visual feasts are so rare in books today. Just like “Rainforest” before, “Butterfly” is exceedingly beautiful! Packed with over 500 carefuly selected photographs, Marent gives ‘readers’ a look in to the complex life of the average Butterfly. From north to south and back, we are invited along the world tour, and are blessed. The only way to fully experience this book is to open it, and gaze into the image of the butterflies in flight (front and backpiece, mentally step in, and smile. Click…Tim Lasiuta

  3. D. Blankenship says:

    THE BEST FROM THE BEST. Having spent over 50 years photographing butterflies, along with other animals, birds, flowers and natural history events, I know how difficult it is to get the perfect shot. Of all the books, and studies I have reviewed and read, and there have been many, this beyond a doubt is one of the best.Depending on which figures you want to believe, there are at least 165,000 species of butterflies that have been identified in the world and there are quite probably over 200,000 in existence today. This number grows less each year, but that is another story. Thomas Marent, who is one of the leading wildlife and nature photographers today, has completely outdone himself with this work; Butterfly!This book consists of over 500 of the highest quality shots I have ever seen. Marent has not limited himself to the adult butterfly though, and has given us stunning photographs in the caterpillar phase as well as egg. Each shot is a pure work of art. This is one of those books that you can spend hours mulling through; seeing different details with each viewing. The details and clarity are absolutely perfect.The text is quite informative and interesting, but the primary reason for reading and owning this work are the photographs. They just do not get better than this.The only objection I have to this wonderful work is that I wish the author had included some technical data and techniques. This would have been a treasure for amateurs like me. While I will never in the world be able to even come close to equaling work like this, I can certainly dream.For an absolute treat for the eye, do yourself a favor and check this one out. I promise you that you will not be sorry.Don BlankenshipThe Ozarks

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