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This single frame is made from recyclable, black, acrylic plastic. It is light weight, yet durable. The Standard License Plate Frame is the staple of James E Reid Design products. This product has withstood the test of time and quite simply is the best all around value. You will find the quality and strength of our standard frame to be superior to that of our competitors. We are also extremely competitive in our pricing. You will get an excellent product, done right and done fast. It is the James E Reid Design edge!

Product Features

  • Made in the United States of high-impact black acrylic plastic and quality computer-cut, REFLECTIVE exterior-grade vinyl
  • This frame will fit standard 12″ x 6″ license plates used in USA, Canada, and Mexico. Screws are not included.
  • This frame design will work with license plates that have the registration stickers at the top. An inverted frame with notches at the bottom will be sent to those states that require them.
  • Non-rusting, dent-proof, light weight
  • Also use for a picture frame and makes a great gift!

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