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Butterfly Optic Fiber Color Changing Night Light Show – Purple

Here is an Outstanding Fiber Optic Night Light

The Color Changing Fiber Butterfly night light will give you hours of enjoyment. Great as a night light. Color Changing will reflect on the tip of the fiber wing. Just plug into to the wall socket and see it glows. The picture doesn’t do it justice as you can’t capture the myriad of colors that you see!

Product Features

  • 5.5 inches tall and 5 inches wide
  • Plugs into any socket, has on and off switch
  • Dimension (W x H x D): 3.5″ x 7″ x 4.5″
  • Romantic color-changing nightlight for Her bedroom!
  • Input: AC 110-120V

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  1. Sofia Hernandez "Lover, fighter, sister, moth... says:

    Gorgeous and ties the “butterfly” theme! I was a bit apprehensive ordering this particular nightlight sight unseen but took the chance since I saw such positive reviews for all the other colors offered. This was a wonderful buy!! The switch base is white, the petal base is a purple tone and the butterfly is a beautiful lavender/bluish tone. I was actually very surprised to see a very detailed butterfly “body”. The butterfly is “stiffened” by the fact that the fiber optic material is it’s base.Now the butterfly’s beauty doesn’t end there… When you switch it on you are treated to a wonderful array of beautiful colors that slowly dance. The light fiber optic dance is truly reminiscent of a butterfly or fairy. If you have little girls in your life and need little touches to tie a bedroom together; then this is one of those special touches. At the butterfly’s widest wingspan it is about 5.5 inches and the tail end being about 2 inches. Overall in height I would say it is about 9 inches. Please keep in mind that is with the switch base!! It is not large but if you plan on placing it behind a bed or squeezing it where it will not be on display then you will be dissapointed and find it “rather large”. It commands attention from the moment you take it out of it’s packaging.Highly recommend for those that love all feminine touches. Your little lady will be very excited as mine were.

  2. Fang5149 says:

    Hangs upside down It’s very pretty, but the prongs are backwards for my home. The thick prong is on the left, all the plugs in the house have the thick opening on the right – so it hangs upside down.

  3. BrenPro says:

    Cool, but… I lot of night lights come with an adjustment to accommodate side-by-side outlets. This one does not. So, I ended up with a really cool sideways butterfly since I do not have vertical outlets. Bummer.

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