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Butterfly Notebook

Beautiful butterflies grace the covers of this handy 64-page blank notebook, perfect for holding addresses, phone and fax numbers, or just personal thoughts.

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  1. Med "medever" says:

    Good value This is a lovely, simple little blank book, and a very good buy. We use these books for piano lessons and school assignments. They make terrific stocking stuffers, too.

  2. S. Armour says:

    Careful..very small! This item would definitly be more properly termed a noetpad vice notebook. It is very small. The picture on the front is nice however. All pages inside are blank…no graphics. I used this item to put me over $25 for free shipping, so for that purpose it was perfect.

  3. J. Shears says:

    It’s no bargain! I was shocked when I saw the butterfly “notebook” was so tiny! It’s 4″ x 6″ … more a notePad than a noteBOOK. Also, the price pre-printed on the back of the book is $1.50, but Amazon charged over $3 for it. It’s the only Amazon product I’ve ever ordered that has disappointed me.

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