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Butterfly Magic In Benalmadena

Stupa de Benalmádena

Stupa at the famous Buddhist temple in Benalmadena, Spain.

When you are choosing a holiday destination, one of the great added extras is being able to get to know some of the local wildlife that call your destination their home. One of the most popular destinations for wildlife tourism is the Spanish resort, Benalmadena.

The resort was not always such a haven for nature lovers, however with the introduction of their brand new tourist attraction it seems that this Spanish haven will definitely be put on the map.

Benalmadena is now home to the largest butterfly park in Europe which is due to open to the public in 2011.

The centre spans an incredible 1,500m2 and will be situated close to the town’s world famous Buddhist temple. If you are looking for a 2011 holiday twist, make sure you read more about why Benalmadena is flying high above the rest.There were plans to create the butterfly park in 2006 however plans to make it bigger and better pushed the opening date back to 2011.

Parthenos sylvia philippensis Français : Clipper

Parthenos sylvia philippensis Français : Clipper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The centre will be home to over 100 different species of butterfly along with plenty of activities for all of the families to enjoy. The butterflies will live in semi captivity which means that visitors to the park will be able to experience the creatures flying around over their heads and observe their natural behaviour.

One of the biggest problems faced with developing the park was the proposed maintenance of such a large project. The owners of the centre have invested over one million euro’s in ensuring that it runs smoothly, this including maintaining a specific climate for the butterflies to develop within.

Benalmadena from catamaran
Benalmadena from catamaran (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The major of Benalmadena has stated that the park will house some of the world’s most spectacular and endangered species of butterfly and will become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Spain.

Whether you are a butterfly enthusiast looking to find out more about their natural behaviour or a family looking for something different to do during your holiday, the butterfly park definitely ticks a wide range of boxes!

If you are planning on getting away next year but are stuck for ideas on where to go, make sure you consider Benalmadena as your destination of choice. Along with this brand new, exciting attraction the resort also boast hot sunshine, great beaches and plenty of things to see and do. With so much going on, what more could you possibly want from a holiday destination?

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