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Butterfly in a Jar – Monarch

This Monarch Butterfly in a Jar is not your ordinary butterfly. Why catch a butterfly when you can gaze at this mechanical fake butterfly that looks and moves like the real thing?

Driven by patented animatronics technology, the fake butterfly in jar flutters at random patterns with true-to-life movement.

The butterfly’s flapping and flying can even be programmed by you or your child by pressing on the top of the jar in certain patterns and making certain sounds.

You’ll be enchanted by the “magical” movement of this butterfly, and adults will enjoy fooling their friends, especially with the authentic appeal of the Mason jar.

Put your butterfly net away: this fake butterfly in a jar will take its place!

  • The Monarch “My Butterfly” Jar is a realistic butterfly toy that flutters around in a jar!
  • The Glass Butterfly Jar measures approx 17 cm x 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm
  • Takes 3 x AAA batteries (Included)
  • Simply tap the jar to activate the butterfly’s realistic action. Ambient sound may also make it flutter!
  • Your butterfly will move for around 90 seconds, Batteries have automatic standby so no need for a power button!

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  1. Kimron says:

    My Butterfly Delights I recently bought one of the My Butterfly collection butterflies for a friend’s children, aged 8 and 11. I presented it to them at a restaurant as if I had caught it in the jar on the way. I put it on the table, tapped it a few times, at which point it started fluttering around the jar. They immediately started playing with it and didn’t stop for the duration of the lunch. Before leaving the restaurant they were (politely) discussing who would carry it to the car, deciding in the end to share the duty by exchanging it half way across the parking lot. Later that day I received an email from my friend, telling me that the children had re-arranged their entire playroom with the Butterfly as the center piece. Moreover the 11-year old had sat down with it, tried tapping it in different ways, and figured out what each tap did.This is a wonderful gift for children, delighting them with its immediate play value. It’s realistic movement, colourful display, and capricious behaviour is bound to hold their interest for a long time. I can only hope the inventor creates more ‘butterfly-like’ versions in addition to the 4 already available.Kimron

  2. Wei says:

    Butterfly for a pet! This butterfly is realistic both in form and action. Tap the lid once to wake it up and be amused by it. Well, with ingenious design, it acts just like a real butterfly!It is ready to play with 3 AAA batteries already installed.

  3. Gamer says:

    cute valentines day gift. I bought this as a valentines gift and this is a very unique gift rather than some chocolates or stuffed animal.The only down side is that it makes this weird buzzing noise when if it flaps its fake wings. Also when it smacks its self against the jar and it gets annoying at times. but its a very cute decoration which is what i really wanted in the end.This is also great for kids, My daughter is too young to understand that things die. She is always catching some sort of frog or lizard and then putting it in a box to keep “forever” without realizing that the things have to eat. I end up having to sneak out and let the captive escape after she goes to sleep. But with this i never have to worry about such a thing.

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