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Butterfly in a Jar – Blue Morpho

This Blue Morpho Butterfly in a Jar lets you have your very own butterfly specimen without having to catch one! Driven by animatronics technology, this brilliant blue butterfly flutters and flaps in random motions, just like the real thing. Tap the jar in different patterns to watch the butterfly flit around to its heart’s content. Kids will enjoy the “magical” movement of the creature, and adults will have fun fooling their friends. This Fake Butterfly in a Jar makes a great show-and-tell item — at school or at dinner parties!

Product Features

  • The Blue Morpho Butterfly Jar is a realistic butterfly toy that flutters around in a jar!
  • Simply tap the jar to activate the butterfly’s realistic action. Ambient sound may also make it flutter!
  • Your butterflies will move for around 90 seconds, Batteries have automatic standby so no need for a power button!
  • Takes 3 x AAA batteries (Included)
  • The Glass Butterfly Jar measures approx 17 cm x 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm

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  1. Rachel K. says:

    Totally Awesome!!! Ok I bought this for my 12 year old son who loves bugs! This thing is so cool! It will actually open and close it’s wings and then flutter around the jar like a true captured butterfly! It does have an automatic shut off after about three minutes unless you tap the jar lid again. The great thing about this butterfly is it DOESN”T DIE!!! In cast anyone is wondering it runs on three AAA batteries.

  2. Glendale says:

    I Would Have Given it 5 Stars But… I bought two of the Blue Morpho “Butterfly in a Jar” (by Gemmy Industries). One worked but the other didn’t. These “critters” LOOK, SOUND (I know butterflies don’t make sounds, I mean the sound of it fluttering in the jar), and BEHAVE so realistically people cannot tell the difference until they look right into the jar and see the thin wire. Fyi, the jar is made out of glass.With the other one, you would never have known it was defective until you follow the instructions (as I did with the other one) to take it out of the packaging’s demonstration mode – unscrewing the jar’s lid, removing the DEMO cable and positioning the switch from “TRY ME” to “ON”. Once this is done, the butterfly should “come alive” anytime by tapping on the jar – as opposed to DEMO mode (with the cable attached) where it would only work for about a minute and stops until the DEMO button is pressed again. The second one sadly would not function in the “ON” position. Replacing the batteries (3 x AAA) did not make a difference. I will be sending the second one back for a replacement.The butterflies I give 5 stars, but I would give Gemmy’s quality control a much lower rating.

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