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Butterfly Houses And Attraction To Gardens

Many look upon the grassy hills of Kansas, sprouting flowers like weeds, and wonder not of the floral fragrance or how high the grass but instead of the abnormal amount of glorious butterflies monopolizing the sky. It easy to wish to attract a colony to ones own backyard. The imaginary scene of tiny flapping colored wings floating through your thoughts is complete with butterfly houses sitting silently in the corner, welcoming any whimsical flying friend that happens to enter. However, you may have dismal hopes for your fairy-god mother to bibidy bobidy boo this picturesque view to your suburb home. This may sound like gibberish – but your wish just might come true!

Turns out, the reason so many butterflies surround wild hills is for their flowers nectar and the plants surrounding them, which are ideal places for females to lay their eggs.

Now, for all species of butterflies, different flowers and plants are attractive. For example: Tiger Swallowtail females are very attracted to cherry trees, tulips and lilacs to rest their larva. While they prefer the before mentioned cribs for their larva, they prefer alterations to this list for nectar. These include: lilac and Japanese honeysuckle.

To also include a wide variety of species to your gardens appeal, the most prominent flowers falling under the best nectar list for many species include: Black-eyed Susan, Lilac, Lavender, Hibiscus, Rosemary and Verbena. A caterpillar will starve to death if a plant can not be found that meets its expectations. Good food is obviously a first priority.

It is also highly important (especially if located in cold, rainy areas) to keep as much shade away from your garden as possible. Butterflies are cold blooded animals meaning they need a substantial amount of food and warmth to live. To insure a suitable habitat, keep the shade from trees or ornaments to a minimum, be aware of the weather, keep plants suited to butterflies graciously spread across your garden, plant many butterfly attractive flowers.

This is where butterfly houses come into particular good use. A single rain fall with no place to hide for a lighter than air creature could cause them to leave, in hopes of a better sheltered home. But remember, shade is a turn off for these cold blooded animals. This makes butterfly house the perfect solution. Some timber, a splash of paint and a pole is all you need to give your backyard guests a space of their own to wear off the cold or rain.

An important fact to note is that butterflies can not drink from bird fountains or any great mass of water. When one finds a butterfly drinking, it is almost always in a drop of water that would not get the taste of cucumber out of your mouth. Butterflies typically drink from mud puddles as well, so keeping your grass watered each day will provide enough to quench their thirst.

The small adjustments that attract the most beautiful of creatures will turn your garden into a beauty with or without butterflies. In providing for their simple needs, you will have a garden envious of all; bringing you back to the view once marveled upon by the hills of Kansas every glace out your own suburb window. Take a page out of the butterfly effect; make small changes to your garden and you will be seeing butterflies in no time!

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