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Butterfly Gardening: Creating Summer Magic in Your Garden

This revised edition of the classic handbook describes how to attract butterflies and other beneficial and beautiful insects to your garden. It presents everything the gardener needs to know to create intricate, small-scale ecosystems in an urban or suburban setting that can substitute for the rapidly vanishing habitats that are essential to the survival of butterflies.
Contributors to this volume include Miriam Rothschild, an eminent entomologist, avid butterfly gardener, and expert in wildflower conservation, who describes the life cycle of butterflies, how and what they see, and how this relates to “gardening with butterflies.” Landscape architect Mary Booth provides imaginative garden designs and easy-to-follow directions for designing and planting. Edward S. Ross, pioneer of close-up nature photography, discusses observing and photographing butterflies.
The book also includes a “Master Plant List” of species that attract butterflies, butterfly food plants listed by geographic region, seed and plant resources, a list of gardening and conservation organizations, and a bibliography of books and periodicals about butterflies.

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  1. Angela D. Hance "sweetlip" says:

    A great starter book as well as an advanced resource. This book gives you comprehensive advice on starting and appreciating a butterfly garden in a small, and easily digestible package. It includes sections on butterfly natural history and identification, garden design, sample garden plans, a plant guide, predators, photography and conservation. It’s a great starter book for those interested in creating their own garden but also has a good appendix section for those who want to get a little deeper into the subject. This would make a great gift for someone wanting to start his or her own garden.

  2. Dianne Foster "Di" says:

    Excellent guide book I’m an up and coming butterfly gardener. This book had a great deal of information to share not only regarding what species of flowers to plant, but also about the life cycles of the butterfly and the importance of planting your garden for the entire life cycle – from egg, to caterpillar, to butterfly Discussion focused on butterfly/larva predators and how important they are to the cycle. Tips on photography, particularly in the dark were helpful. The pictures of the butterflies and flowers were exquisite! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and the information in it will go a long way in helping me create my dream garden.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Excellent resource… BUTTERFLY GARDENING is a collection of interesting essays about butterflies. Chapters cover gardening tips, including an annotated list of plants that attract butterflies, and various other butterfly related topics such as: “What do butterflies see?”; “The struggle to survive”; “The life cycle of the large white butterfly”; and “Moths in the garden at night.” If you love butterflies, you will probably enjoy this book but it won’t go a long way toward helping you identify the Red Admiral you spotted on the Frikartii Aster yesterday. Another reviewer referred to this as a starter book, but I don’t think of it as that at all although it does introduce a number of important topics.

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