Astral Butterflies Rotating Header Image

Butterfly Garden Matching

Product Features

  • Features Gorgeous Illustrations with Butterflies and Magical Gardens
  • Beautiful, and Relaxing Soundtrack to add to the whimsical theme!
  • Great for kids and adults – easy to use, and a great memory sharpening tool!

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Tags: Garden, gorgeous illustrations, magical gardens, Matching, butterfly


  1. Gumdrops72 says:

    Breathtaking graphics Another nice freebie to enjoy! The graphics are simply gorgeous! I love a quick game of matching when bored waiting at the Docs office – great for a quick game!

  2. B says:

    Kid game I was bored with this in about 5 minutes and deleted it. May be fun for children.Couldn’t find a way to turn the sound off, so too noisy to play around other people.

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