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Butterfly Copper Garden Flag Stand

Butterfly Copper Garden Flag Stand

Butterfly Copper Garden Flag Stand

Your garden flag needs a stand, and why shouldn’t that stand add to the charm of the season? The handsome copper butterfly at this stand’s peak spreads its wings as if basking the mid-day sun. Any other flag pole seems so dull in comparison.

  • Holds garden sized (12.5″ x 18″) flags
  • Copper finish
  • An eye-catching flag stand

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Was delighted to find this inexpensive but very pretty garden flag stand. It arrived very quickly, well packaged by the vendor. It appears to be well made, solid construction and the brass finish is quite lovely, much nicer than the typical black finish of most stands. When the light hits it it gleams beautifully. Very pleased. Of course, like all stands, I suspect it will rust within a year or so, and need replacing (I live in a fairly rainy area), but given its low price, that’s not really a problem. I will probably replace it with the exact same stand.

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