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Butterfly Adventures

Butterfly Adventures game

Butterfly Adventures game

Butterfly Adventures Game

  • Choose between 2 methods of play: normal (multi-touch) and easy (touch and drag)
  • Capture all of the mystery butterfly icons as they fall to complete your butterfly collection
  • Check in daily to watch your butterfly complete its metamorphosis
  • Learn about different species of butterflies as your collection grows
  • See how high you can score and try to beat your top score

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  1. john e brunner says:

    awesome I love butterflies a lot and its fun seeing the hatching and other stuff going on I highly hope you’ll get this app it works awesome for kindle its a great app and its free! so I hope you get it :)

  2. xcccxf says:

    Love it! I love it! fun and easy! it could be a little more hard….butI love butterflies ( and flowers )!

  3. durdle says:

    this is awesome this totally rocked it was awesome I love it . it helped me relax and its pretty cool I love it

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