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Butterflies are beautiful, inspiring, amazing insects. Did you know that butterflies . . .

  • have eyes that can look in all directions—up, down, forward, backward, left, and right—all at the same time?
  • taste with their feet?
  • can migrate 3,000 miles every year?

Award-winning science writer Seymour Simon invites readers to explore the world of butterflies and moths with fascinating facts and stunning full-color photographs.

Learn where to find butterflies and moths, how to observe them in nature, and how to plant your very own butterfly garden!

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  1. KDouglas "MD Media Specialist" says:

    Best non-fiction author Seymour Simon does it again with his wonderful non-fiction text for elemenatry readers. He makes the words pop out of the page and allows students to explore the world of butterflies. In all school libraries and classroom libraries this is a must have. It is perfect for exploring text features and for students to discover the wonders of animals. Must read and have. Simon is a non-fiction genius.

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