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Butterflies through Binoculars: A Field, Finding, and Gardening Guide to Butterflies in Florida (Butterflies (and Others) Through Binoculars Field Guide Seri)

Butterfly enthusiasts, nature lovers, and curious general readers will perhaps be surprised to learn that Florida’s butterfly fauna is unique–and that, until the appearance of this volume, there has been no adequate field guide for the butterflies of this region. This guide simplifies identification by illustrating only species found in Florida–using superb photographs of live butterflies coupled with detailed range maps and identification data. It also offers, with unprecedented detail, much information on flight times and abundances for each of five Florida subregions, including reports on 70 localities in which to find butterflies. Lastly, discussions of the foodplants for each species along with suggestions for attracting these species to one’s garden make this work invaluable for all Florida gardeners interested in butterflies.

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  1. Michael Suttkus II says:

    Simply Superb This is one of the best presented field guides I have ever seen. Each and every species of Florida butterfly is pictured and described. Most butterfly guides I’ve seen use pictures of preserved specimens in a collection. This can be confusing because parts of the wings normally hidden are exposed when the collected specimen is mounted. This book avoids this problem by using only pictures taken in the wild (except for a few rare species). No more unnatural poses!

  2. Lillian G. Silva "Butterfly Fairy" says:

    Best field guide for butterflies of the northeast If you are looking for a filed guide to the butterflies of the northeastern United States, this is THE book to get. Written for a relatively small geographical area, the book contains only those butterflies likely to be seen in the regioon…unlike other guidebooks which offer many photos of butterflies not native to the regioon you are in. Excellent photos and the reduced subject area result in quick identifications. Although written for the northeast, the book is useful over a wider range…I have even used it in Texas to great effect. Don’t put too much stock in the information about flight period and abundance, though. And don’t expect much info on larval hostplants, etc

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