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Butterflies: Such Amazing Creatures

Cethosia biblis Malaya


Have you ever wondered how an ugly creature can turn into one of the most beautiful insects?  The answer to this is not a fairy tale.  Try to check out the butterfly’s life cycle and you will see how the impossible is made possible.  This is just one of the many wonders of nature. Imagine how a caterpillar turns into an amazing creature like a butterfly – it’s pretty amazing.

After the caterpillar turns into a pupa, it becomes a butterfly after sometime. Butterflies are large insects that flaunt their beautiful wings when they fly. They can be seen in all countries around the globe especially in areas that are topical. And there are different types of butterflies that can be found in this world.

Here are some of the types of butterflies:

American Painted Lady – this type you can normally see in desserts, meadows and mountains. They feast on the nectars of zinnia, thistle, mint, heliotrope and butterfly bush. Sunflower, thistle, wormwood, borage and hollyhocks are some of this type’s host plants

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