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Butterflies – Series 2

Geoffrey Palmer (As Time Goes By, Mrs. Brown) and Wendy Craig (The Forsyte Saga) star in this distinctive BBC series. Funny and poignant, the story revolves around a housewife frustrated by life with her detached husband and glib sons, and by her own dismal failure to master even the boring and repetitive tasks at hand. As a handsome admirer pursues her, she guiltily flits from her real life to this exciting distraction like a butterfly aware that its time is running out. Created by prolific Britcom writer Carla Lane (The Liver Birds, Bread). Includes the Christmas special.

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  1. CBS says:

    Hilarious and Thoughtful I had never heard of this series, but I recognized Geoffrey Palmer from one of my favorite Britcoms “As Time Goes By”. Although this series is from the 70′s it still seems relevant and is very entertaining. I adore Ria’s rants about the boredom of being a housewife. Her flirtations with Leonard are cute and touching. Both Ria and Leonard deal with feelings of life passing by much too quickly and whether or not they are living it to their fullest.

  2. Movie Mania "DVD Collector" says:

    The Best Britcom Season Two The private hell of Rhea Parkinson continues. She has a loving husband, who is rather boring and two grown sons who keep her in constant flux. Add to this a millionaire who is infatuated with her.Season Two has eight 30 minute episodes on two discs. The episodes shown on PBS were only 28 minutes.Disc One:Episode 1 – Adam has been dumped by his girlfriend Annie and is in a funk over it. Now the family must get him up again. But remember that no matter how bad things get Ria’s cooking will always be worse.Episode 2 – Rhea is upset by a fox hunt and decides to have a protest (this was a very big issue at the time.) This leaves the boys to make lunch for Ben – and they have inherited their mother’s cooking talents.Episode 3 – Ben has chest pains and begins to think about his old age. Ria decides to cook to help him stay fit (do I need to say more) and of course runs into Leonard. Ben takes up jogging and runs into Leonard (of course he doesn’t know who Leonard is!)Episode 4 – The Parkinsons get new neighbors across the road. Ben is forced to meet the husband when the boys throw their Frisbee in his car. Ria is having one of “her days”. Ria finds out the neighbor’s wife has problems too when she runs into her at the chapel then at the doctor’s office and finally talks to her at the park. (This is one of the great episodes)Disc Two:Episode 5 – Leonard is sick. Ben has to cope with the boys and their girls making out all over the house. When Ria does not run into Leonard, she gets worried. Ria tries to be more romantic with Ben.Episode 6 – A holiday acquaintance comes to visit and stirs up trouble.Episode 7 – Leonard tells Ria goodbye. Ben talks to the boys about life. Ben books a table at the restaurant where she and Leonard met.Episode 8 – This is the Christmas Special. It was never aired on PBS. Ria runs into Leonard for the first time since his wife came home. Ria is frightened by Christmas – the one time of year that food is important. And when the turkey arrives with its head and feet still on, Ria just can’t cope and agrees to meet with Leonard.

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