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Butterflies of Central Texas: A Guide to Common and Notable Species (Quick Reference Guides)

Butterflies of Central Texas is a durable laminated folding guide, published by Quick Reference Publishing, that is perfect for carrying in the field. The slender dimensions fit in a pocket or backpack. Covering 83 butterflies found throughout the Hill Country, from Waco to San Antonio to Fredericksburg, the layout allows for quick comparison between similar species. Typical wing positions at rest are shown (open vs. closed) for each species and many caterpillars are also included. Informational text gives goth common and Latin names, size, larval host plants, and flight seasons.

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  1. S. Weeks "big reader" says:

    wildlife foldouts These narrow, stiffened little foldouts are excellent for field identification… they are sturdy, lightweight, and fold to fit in pocket or pack. We have several (butterflies, dragon flies, snakes, etc.) and have used them all. Take them with you on walks, bike rides, or just moseying around in woods and fields. We keep a few handy in the pickup truck and a few extras at home for our butterfly garden. You never know what’ll turn up and it’s nice to nail down an ID… you can Google it for details, later. This one on butterflies includes notes on larval host plants and photos of caterpillars.

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