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Butterflies Music Box

B4010 Features: -Music box.-Materials: 70pct MDF, 15pct Metal, 10pct Paper, 3pct ABS, 2pct Glass.-Nice and deep with a removable tray.-Storage of collectables, jewelry or any other precious keepsake.-Beautiful butterfly design. Color/Finish: -Music box plays ‘Colley’s Reel’ with colorful butterfly figurine.

Product Features

  • Plays “Cooley’s Reel”
  • Includes butterfly figurine
  • Mirror on inside of top lid
  • velvet Flocked Paper Lining
  • Hinged Top

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Tags: colorful butterfly, tray storage, butterfly design, Butterflies, Music


  1. fzzmm says:

    Thumbs Up for the Music Box, Thumbs Down for the Packaging This little box delighted my friend who loves butterflies. We were celebrating her graduation from a masters degree program. Note To the Marketing Agency that designed the packaging: I agree with the guy who said the packaging of the box with the 6 year-old girl’s picture was a negative. These boxes have much more appeal than as a children’s gift. I tossed the packaging and wrapped the box in tissue and put it in a gift bag. It was a BIG hit.

  2. Thomas Hallock says:

    For young girls I made the mistake of purchasing this for my girlfriend ,I like to call her “Ma joli papillon”.I had it sent to her sight unseen,and I watched on webcam as she opened it…First letdown was the outside box which had pictures of smiling 6yr old girls,and when she pulled it out ,we saw that its made of lacquered cardboard.The saving grace was that the size was okay and the artwork on the outside was pretty but the quality at 18$ is not there..huge disappointment..Way too much money for a jewelry box made of cardboard ,9.99$ would be more appropriate

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