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Butterflies: Miniature Beauties of the World

This children’s photo book about “Butterflies: Miniature Beauties of the World” will take you through from the beginning to the end of the life of these beautiful and wondrous small insects. The beautiful photographs will give you an up close and perfect view of the incredible brightly colored wings nature has created for all to marvel. Follow the butterfly as it goes through life starting as an egg and developing into a caterpillar and on to the pupa stage at which point it stops eating and begins the transformation into a full size adult with four beautiful and colorful wings. You will also find out that those beautiful wings are actually comprised of thousands of scales.

Learn about their eating habits, how and when they sleep and how they communicate with each other. They are such beautiful things of nature for all to enjoy. And for additional fun of this great book you will find several translations of the word butterfly into other languages.

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