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Butterflies and Sprig T-shirt by Valerie Pfeiffer

Butterflies and Sprig T-Shirt

Butterflies and Sprig T-Shirt

Butterflies and Sprig T-shirt by Valerie Pfeiffer

Product care: Unless otherwise mentioned, all shirts and sweatshirts are machine washable and dryer friendly. As a side effect of the screen printing process, you may see a small faint box on your shirt/sweatshirt. DON’T PANIC! This will go away after a wash or two, after which you will be in possession of the best gosh-darn looking’ shirt you’ve ever laid eyes upon. Please note, we do not manufacture our garments, they are imported by us, and decorated in California.

All of our shirts and sweatshirts are printed in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California We are fiercely committed to high standards of quality printing and unique design, backed by our unflagging and awesome customer service, because printing is our passion.

  • Original art by Valerie Pfeiffer
  • 100% Preshrunk cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Dryer friendly
  • Printed in San Luis Obispo, Ca

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One Comment

  1. Carol says:

    Toooo Thin! Pros: Beautiful Shirt.Cons: Cotton – Tooooo Thin. Too $$expensive.Suggestion: Should be thick, “Beefy-Cotton.” Also, should sell for $10.

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