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Butterflies and Moths (Golden Guide)

This Golden Guide from St. Martin’s Press illustrates in full color 423 of the most common, widespread, important, or unusual North American species of Lepidoptera. Information includes:

How to identify butterflies and moths
How to attract, rear and preserve them for study
How to assist these fascinating insects in their struggle for survival

Plus range maps, a special emphasis on immature forms, and an inde of scientific names.

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  1. A.Trendl "What should ... says:

    a great place to start! This golden guide is an excellent place to learn the basics. It’s small, therefore portable, and pictures often show male and female variations, different coloration phases and a view of wings spread and folded. It also contains range maps and pupa and larva pictures for most butterflies and moths. Keep in mind, though, that pictures are artist renderings, not photos.

  2. C. Lee says:

    Teaches in a Pleasing Way I carried an earlier edition of “Butterflies and Moths” around with my as I traipsed about fields near my home, butterfly hunting. I’d find a butterfly (or moth, as the case may be) and approximate which one it was through this guide.

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