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From Joseph W. Sarno, one of the most acclaimed and legendary directors of erotic cinema, comes this classic story of a country girl’s erotic awakening in the big city.

Beautiful, young and restless, Denise (Marie Forsa) can’t stand another day on her family’s farm and with her boring country boyfriend (Eric Edwards). She dreams of becoming a fashion model and life in the fast lane, so she packs her bags and sets out for the city determined to experience every one of her glamorous and erotic fantasies. Soon she meets up with Frank (Harry Reems), a successful, smooth-talking night club owner who takes her in and gives her a taste of the life she so desperately craves while fulfilling all of her deepest desires. Frank, though, is not a one-woman man, and Denise discovers his harem of gorgeous and seductive playthings who will do anything and everything for him…anywhere, anytime! Feeling betrayed, Denise seeks comfort in the arms of Frank’s voluptuous partner (Nadia Henkowa) who opens her eyes to a whole new world of hot-blooded lust and gasping sensuality. But Denise must still confront Frank and all of his lovers, and who knows how far she! will go to make her wildest fantasies come true?

2-DISC DVD Contents:
– Feature film: BUTTERFLIES (Director’s Cut)
– Feature Film: BUTTERFLIES (“Grind House” Cut)
– Interview: JOE SARNO and CHRIS D. NEBE
– Commentary by producer CHRIS D. NEBE
– Trailers to upcoming JOE SARNO DVD RELEASES
– Full Color Booklet featuring Liner Notes

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  1. Heywood Jablowme "Focused" says:

    Old School Very 1970′s Very mediocre. With that said it was a TRUE old style X-rated and you could do worse by watching Showtime and Cinemax “porn”.No implants and not much shaving hereIf that is what you are into it was not a waste of time but don’t waste your time with the soft directors cut versionThankfully there are two (soft and hard) versions on the disc

  2. BWANA says:

    Hammerin’ Harry rides ‘em again!!! Harry the original marathon pounder of porn really let three amazing ladies have it here. The brunette and Maria Forsa he worked over twice (as did Eric Edwards) and the blond German looked like her eyes would pop out. Even the pudgy English chick was worth a watch.

  3. penelope says:

    I feel better already This comes froom retroseduction cinima. When I want Academy movies I look elsewhere. This is a good pick especially for females who can’t get into regular porn. Great sex shots and actual sex action. The plot is playfull 70′s. I compared it to ‘Emmanuel’ and ‘Felicity’ which are both well known. In those movies sex is random and not as errotic in my opinion. “Butterflies’ plot is not very deep, but the penetration is. Grindhouse maintains its reputation. Couples will enjoy.Not closed captioned- – 4 stars.

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