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Bring Home The Butterflies Vol. I: How to Attract More Monarchs to your Butterfly Garden…and Keep them there!

Even though monarchs are more common than most butterflies, they are rarely seen in many of our butterfly gardens. But what if you could have hundreds of monarchs fluttering through your yard each summer?… or even dozens at once? Then imagine these magical monarchs staying around for hours on end entertaining you with a spectacular aerial display. If this sounds like a dream, it is! But it’s a dream that can happen if you’re willing to try some new strategies in your garden. In this book I’ll reveal:

  • Uncommon species of Milkweed
  • Tried and true Native plantsĀ 
  • Exotic plants that drive Monarchs wild
  • A new way to water
  • Easy garden care that can have a huge impact on your resultsĀ 
  • A fun and educational activity that will get kids excited about monarchs while increasing butterfly traffic in your garden!
  • Helpful resources to create your monarch-attracting butterfly garden

This book is based on one monarch gardener’s experience, along with helpful information harvested from other butterfly gardeners across North America. The tips offered inside are the rarely shared secrets that have brought more monarchs to our butterfly garden than I ever thought possible! Large, colorful photographs are included to illustrate the exciting possibilities for your Monarch Butterfly Garden.

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