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Blue Morpho Butterflies

English: The butterfly species Morpho helena S...

The butterfly species Morpho Helena Svenska Image via Wikipedia

English: Photograph of a Blue Morpho butterfly...

Blue Morpho butterflyMorpho peleides. Image via Wikipedia

The Blue morpho is among the largest and most beautiful butterflies in the world. It comes in several varieties or subspecies.

The photos here show morpho species in their  full glory with their wings open.

Notice, though, how they just  look like brown leaves with their wings closed. That camouflage helps protect them from predators while they are eating or at rest.

Blue morpho is my personal favorite butterfly for sheer show-stopping beauty and glamour. I started a full article on the species awhile back, but the WordPress editor mysteriously swallowed it. I’ll write another one one later.

Meanwhile, I thought you would enjoy these images of the gorgeous Blue morpho!



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