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Bali Butterfly Paradise

Over the years the island of Bali will never be bored to be visited. Although in many places in the world appears a lot of new and modern attractions, but the island of Bali has always had its own charm. Bali is still regarded as a paradise. This makes Bali always the target of the tourists, both local and foreign.

At this moment it must have been a lot of people who make plans to go back to visit Bali in the coming holidays.  Many people would have booked their plane ticket to go there.  And what about you? You definitely do not want to miss. Make your plan as soon as possible.

One of the places in Bali that we want to recommend to you for the upcoming holiday is Bali Butterfly Park.  Actually this park is relatively not a new destination. It has been there for more than 3 years.  This tourist destination is located in Wanasari village, Tabanan regency at the Southeastern part of the island. We’ve visited this tourism object on last year holiday. Beyond our expectations, our vacation turned out into a very exciting one. It’s really nice, indeed.

In the playground exclusively created for butterfly, all kinds of butterflies can fly freely in an enclosed garden netting. The size of the park is fairly large, about 3500m2. The visitors can also see and learn firsthand about the life cycle of a butterfly because there is a special place where the caterpillars and pupae are saved. Interesting isn’t it?

Although this Bali “butterfly garden” is actually not as natural as that one exist in nature reserves Bantimurung (Sulawesi), but the Bali Butterfly park was more successful with the concept of ‘eco-tourism’. The butterflies in Bali are not abducted or obtained from captured from their native habitat, but they all have been successfully bred in captivity by the Breeders in Bali.

This is different from the other one in Sulawesi. There are many illegal traders who sell wild butterflies that have been preserved. This is certainly contrary to the standards applied by the concept of ‘eco-tourism’ as practiced in Bali. The concept of eco-tourism only maintain and demonstrate butterflies in the form of captive breeding of butterflies – so this is not going to damage the number of wild butterflies in their native habitat.

In Bali Butterfly Park, we can also see many kinds of butterflies from many regions in Indonesia. One of the favorite of many visitors is the blue and black East Butterfly Peacock from Eastern Nusa Tenggara. Another butterfly that is not less captivating is  butterfly from Papua with their black-white-red color, butterfly Angel with black and white wings like a zebra, and Barong Butterfly from Bali and Java (in Java this one is called Elephant Butterfly) because there has been immense, and included in the type of atlas moth.

For your information, the butterflies obtained from the captivity in Bali now has become export products to Singapore and Europe (for a butterfly garden as well as collectors in there).  Butterflies that their period of life are no more than 3 weeks, are exported when they are still in chrysalis form.  This is how they can fly abroad! Imagine, how beautiful is the life of a butterfly.

That’s our little story about a holiday destination in Bali which is worth a visit by your family during the upcoming school holiday. In closing I have to recommend that the best time for you to come there is in the morning; try before 10am, because if it was day most of the butterflies are flying off again.

Happy holidays!

Reh Franciska is an advertising executive life in Jakarta, Indonesia.  As a travel lover, she has visited several country in Europe for a couple of times, as well as Canada, USA and Australia. As an Indonesian, Reh had been to Bali for dozens of time. If you can not bring your family to Bali in the next school holiday, click here to find out what’s Reh recommendation for you instead.  Or if you happen to know how she maintain a good communication with her families and friends during her trips, please feel free to click here
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  1. I love nature and Bali and Borneo are 2 places I’ve always wanted to visit. I hope to get there someday and reading your post has only helped rekindle this desire

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