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Babies and Butterfly Watching

Soft, sling-like baby carriers are best for comfort and for reassuring the baby of your presence. They have been used in traditional cultures for years. Carrying the baby in a sling or soft carrier attached to your body, baby carrying, is also called babywearing.

But which kind of baby carrier is best? Which brand will you choose? One of the most popular carriers today is called the moby wrap. It is soft and well made and both parents and babies seem to love it.

Unless your idea of butterfly watching is to sit on the patio or indoors and gaze at whatever butterflies happen by, you probably like going to butterfly gardens, parks, preserves, fields, or even just empty lots to see how many different species of butterflies you can see and hopefully identify. It can be thrilling to catch sight of a butterfly that is rare in your part of the world.

If you have a baby to care for, that can get complicated. Do you leave the baby at home with a sitter? Or do you take him or her along for some fresh air and sunshine?

Most parents chose the latter option whenever possible. For a variety of reasons, they take the baby along.

So how do you bring along the baby? To keep your hands free for things like buying tickets and holding stair rails at the butterfly garden, taking photos, looking up species in a field guide, etc., you need to put the baby in a carrier—for your safety and theirs.

Babies seem to feel more safe and secure in baby wrap carriers. After calmly watching the world around them for awhile, they often fall asleep. That allows you to devote more attention to butterfly watching, while at the same time resting assured that your baby is as safe and comfortable as possible—and starting off right as a butterfly watcher from the start!

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