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Aymara Designers Generates Special Amazonian Butterfly Cufflinks Make a difference through fashion

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Aymara Designers has combined with to create Amazonian Butterfly cufflinks made from real butterfly wings.  The butterfly wings used in the cufflink making method come from the Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Garden, located in Padre Cocha Iquitos, Peru.

The butterflies live and die naturally in a secluded haven and their lasting wings are then transformed into jewelry.  Every of the products are hand-crafted with the 950 Sterling Silver, rather than the standard 925.

In order to maintain the continuance of several species of Amazonian butterflies, donates a proportion of all sales to the Garden and the Amazon Animal Orphanage.

Aymara is an ecofriendly business dedicated to the protection of the environment and the preservation of animals.  Aymara produces boutique collections, ensuring the continuation of each butterfly species by only using supplies found in nature.

The pattern found in each pair of cufflinks varies slightly due to the intricacies of each individual butterfly, yet maintains uniform color variations according to their species. Essentially Aymara and labor through what Nature provides every month, harvesting the wings from creatures whose life span hardly ever exceeds two weeks.

The donation of revenue is used to find another species of endangered butterflies, as well as help with the daily maintenance of the garden and orphanage.  Since a butterfly’s life span is so short-lived, people have the chance to give the butterflies a new transformation-through wearable art.  The jewelry line features species ranging from the Rothschildia Hesperus, Morpho Helenor (also simply identified as The Blue Morpho), to the Phoebis Argante species.  All cufflinks or jewelry purchases will carry the continuance of each butterfly species in their natural Peruvian habitat.

Butterfly farms in tropical rainforest spots are becoming an important aspect in creating a greater understanding of rainforests and the need of their conservation. The Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Garden (PBG) works year round to avoid the depredation of butterflies by providing  them sanctuary and protection, and by educating the community about their life cycles.

PBG is the only butterfly farm in Peru, comprehensive with guided tours for the public. It was the owner’s, Gudrun Sperrer, goal to breed the world’s most beautiful butterflies and realize a location where unique animals can find sanctuary. Guests to the Garden are able to see the entire life cycle of these unique creatures and understand about the extraordinary development of Amazonian butterflies.  More than forty species of the most colorful butterflies of the Amazon thrive at Pilpintuwasi.  Visitors experience the serenity of the rainforest and are also exposed to the numerous challenges the Sanctuary encounters daily-such as problems with predators and finding suitable host plants for each caterpillar.

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